Water and Wastewater Plant Operation & Management Services 

EP is for many clients a one-stop-shop for all water and wastewater needs and that also includes the operation and management of outsourced water and wastewater treatment plants


Our leverage and technical experience allows EP to reduce our client's costs through operational consistency, preventive maintenance programs and on-going evaluation for optimum treatment processes.


Our industrial outsourcing services have been designed to offer our clients complete security in plant operations through a performance-oriented approach. This methodology has been particularly successful for managing fully automated and complex treatment plants.


There are plants we operate with as many as 25 and as low as 1 embedded treatment plant operators.



  • Operation Staff
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reports / Monitoring
  • Performance garantee
  • Retrofits
  • Chemical Products

Treatment plant operation services allows us at EP to put ourselves in our client's shoes to evaluate operational expenses and to quickly evaluate new technologies. This constant feedback coming from our services department is extremely valuable for our engineering department to constantly optimize solutions and provide the lowest total cost of ownership to our clients.