Our Assets


There are 4 offices in Brazil and in the United States:

  • Guarulhos, SP
  • Nazare Paulista, SP
  • Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • Minneapolis, MN

Nazare Paulista is where our 75,000 sqft light/heavy metalwork, assembly and chemical formulation factory is located.

Guarulhos is where our ISO/IEC 17025 certified chemical laboratory and most of our 20+ cars/trucks fleet for site visits, chemical sample collection and distribution of chemicals and consumables are located.



First and foremost, our 400 people team. We are known to have highly engaged and skilled professionals that range from operators to engineers.

Our brand and excellence reputation amongst water and wastewater treatment industry are our biggest sales pitch. 

We have process and design patents for filter media and filtration techniques.


  • ISO 9.001
  • ISO 14.001
  • ISO/IEC 17025
  • ONIP
  • INEA